Jeff Kaiser: ZEITNOT


The story on some of my gear…


For solo and improved music: Marcinkiewicz Rembrandt Quarter-Tone with a double shepherds crook. (The horn I own is one of two prototypes Joe Marcinkiewicz made for Arturo Sandoval.) The fourth valve drops whatever note you are playing by a quarter-step. This trumpet was given to me by Rob Blakeslee, a truly wonderful and creative trumpet player. You can hear him in the artists section of the following web page. I am quite indebted to him.

For ensemble work: Bach Stradivarius 180-43, 43 lead pipe.


More on this later, a beautiful vintage cornet going back to 1910 given to me by my step-grandmother.


Yamaha YFH-631G.


I currently use mouthpieces by Austin Custom Brass and Warburton. The various mouthpieces I use are made out of acrylic, delrin and Warburtonite (hardened rubber).

Nick, of Nick Rail Music, has done some fantastic (and weird) mouthpiece mods for me…like putting holes in mouthpieces to let air leak out and more.

Electronics and related gear:

I’ve been using electronics with my horns since I began playing. I originally used hardware-based electronics until I became fed up during a tour in England in the summer of 2005. Carrying the 150 plus lb. box of gear on cabs, planes and trains got old very quickly.

I now use a laptop running software I author in Max/MSP from Cycling 74. I wrote a paper about my transition from hardware to software for the 2007 Spark Festival of Electronic Music at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. The paper is titled, “How I lost 150 lbs. thanks to Max/MSP!”

Included in the slideshow is a photo of my old rig from a pretty remarkable Choir Boys gig: READ more here. The rig included a Shure Beta 56, Mackie 1202, MoogerFooger Ring Modulator, Alesis Bitrman, Boss SE50 (!) and Two Line 6 Delay Modelers.

Max Patches:

Click here for Max patches, including variations of the KaiserLooper (Max MSP loopers) and my Softstep Max patches.