Jeff Kaiser Discography

As Leader/Co-Leader

Corpseboy I (Upcoming, 2023)

Larval: Jeff Kaiser, Seth Davis, Kevin Cheli (Mother Brain Records 2022)

Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet: 132350 (pfMENTUM 2022)

Sitzfleisch I: flugelhorn, trumpet, voice, pot lids, toy car, ball and chain, and live computer processing (pfMENTUM 2020) Video of Recording Session.

KaiBorg: IntraAction--Jeff Kaiser, David Borgo, feat. Kjell Nordeson (pfMENTUM 2020)

ZEITNOT V: trumpet, flugelhorn, voice, toys, electronics (pfMENTUM 2020) Video of Recording Session.

The Forgetting Machine: Systematic and Quantitative--The Forgetting Machine is Jeff Kaiser, trumpet; Luis Tabuenca, percussion (Espacio Sinkro 2019)

KaiBorg: Vibrant Matters -- with David Borgo (pfMENTUM, 2018)

Endless Pie -- with Phil Skaller (pfMENTUM, 2013)

Chimney Liquor -- with Nicholas Deyoe (Eh? Records, 2012)

The Desert Fathers: Charismata -- with Gregory Taylor (pfMENTUM 2012)

External Logic Machine -- with Ted Byrnes and Tom McNalley (pfMENTUM 2011)

KaiBorg: Harvesting Metadata -- with David Borgo (pfMENTUM 2010)

Transistor Illumicator -- with Don Haugen (Control Valve 2010)

Corpseboy and Justin Cassidy: Grain of the Voice (Papercuts Records and Angry Vegan Records 2009)

The Desert Fathers: Coptic Icons (pfMENTUM 2007)


The Choir Boys with strings (pfMENTUM 2006)

The Choir Boys (pfMENTUM 2005)

The Alchemical Mass/Suite Solutio (pfMENTUM 2004)

13 Themes for a Triskaidekaphobic (pfMENTUM 2003)

17 Themes for Ockodektet (pfMENTUM 2002)

Order of Her Bones -- with Brad Dutz (pfMENTUM, 2002)

Nowhereland Soundtrack (pfMENTUM, 2000)

Pith Balls and Inclined Planes -- with Ernesto Diaz-Infante (pfMENTUM, 2000)

Asphalt Buddhas -- with Woody Aplanalp (pfMENTUM, 1999)

Ganz Andere -- with Vinny Golia (pfMENTUM, 1999)

Nothing Is Not Breath: Music for Double Quartet (Ninewinds, 1997)

Excerpts from the Prince (Burned Tongue, 1995)

As Ensemble Member

A Really Futile and Stupid Gesture: The League of Assholes (Titicaman Records 2022)

Vinny Golia: Even to this day​…​Movement One: Inoculations Music for Orchestra and Soloists (pfMENTUM 2022) (Video of my recording session.)

Looper’s Delight - My "Prelude and Fog" a featured track on compilation album by this long standing collective. Video of recording session:

CODA: The League of Assholes (Titicacaman Records 2021) (Video of my recording session.)

VITRIOL: The League of Assholes (Titicacaman Records 2020)

ORGY: actors, fiends, friends, pundits, pussies, fools, sodomites, pimps, dicks and clergy--The League of Assholes (Titicacaman Records 2019)

Raw Meat Diet: The League of Assholes (Titicacaman Records 2018)

Skeleton Key Orchestra: Furiously Dreaming (Orenda Records 2016)

Here & Here & Here: Anna Homler (pfMENTUM 2014)

Vinny Golia Large Ensemble: Overview; 1996-2006 [CD + DVD] (NineWinds, 2012)

An Autobiography of a Pronoun: Michael Vlatkovich (pfMENTUM 2011)

Kronomorphic: David Borgo and Paul Pellegrin (pfMENTUM 2011)

Sound Check Three, UCSD Music Department (UCSD, 2008)

On the Shore -- Mark O'Leary, Alex Cline, Steuart Liebig, John Fumo, Jeff Kaiser (Clean Feed, 2007)

Blur Joan -- Headless Household (House Ink, 2005)

The Vinny Golia Large Ensemble: 20th Anniversary Concert (DVD, NineWinds, 2005)

post-Polka -- Headless Household (House Ink, 2003)

Blown Away -- Warm Guns (Zircon Skye, 2002)

Time Stops To Visit -- Jim Connolly and the Gove County Philharmonic (pfMENTUM 2002)

Monkey Cantata -- Ray Waggoner, (5 Koilos, 2000)

The Circus Doesn't Stop at Gove -- Jim Connolly and the Gove County Philharmonic, (pfMENTUM, 2000)

mockhausen -- Headless Household, (House Ink, 2000)

Beauty and the Bloodsucker -- Eugene Chadbourne, (Leo, 1999)

The Other Bridge -- Vinny Golia Large Ensemble, (NineWinds, 1999)

Free Associations -- Headless Household, (House Ink, 1999)

City of Mirrors -- Motor Totemist Guild, (Cuneiform, 1998)

Items -- Headless Household, (House Ink, 1996)