Concert, Omaha Under The Radar, July 25-28, 2018

I will be performing ZEITNOT II at Omaha Under the Radar. I’m very excited to visit this city and participate in this great festival! For more information:

Paper, “Improvising Technology, Constructing Virtuosity” direct links….

The full texts of Improvising Technology, Constructing Virtuosity (Jeff Kaiser) and Configurin(g) KaiBorg: Interactivity, ideology, and agency in electro-acoustic improvised music (co-author David Borgo) are now available at:

“Improvising Technology, Constructing Virtuousity” published

My article “Improvising Technology, Constructing Virtuosity” was published! It is in the wonderful tri-lingual journal “Cuadernos De Música, Artes Visuales Y Artes Escénicas.” Click “Idioma” on the sidebar to select your language. Special thanks to Claudia Salamanca (editor) …