Speed Control Max for Live Plugin: MIDI Keyboard – Looper Speed

Speed Control Max for Live Plugin

This Max for Live Plugin maps your MIDI keyboard/controller to the Speed dial of Ableton Live’s Looper enabling you to change the loop speed by semitones (from -36 to +36) with your MIDI keyboard or controller.

This allows you to to play melodies with your live loops, map KaiGen-M, MIDI randomizers, or other creative options.

Speed Control can also be hacked in Max to map and scale to other device parameters.

This is not a VST and requires Ableton Live Suite or a Max for Live license.


  1. Drop this device on a MIDI track
  2. Assign your MIDI controller to that same track using “MIDI From”
  3. Click “Map Dial”
  4. Go to the track with the Looper and wiggle the Speed dial.
  5. MIDI notes 24 through 96 now map to the speed dial.
  6. “C” at 60 puts the looper at original speed
  7. Or double click the dial to return it to original speed
  8. To stop mapping, click “Stop Map”

Special thank-you to Andre Lafosse for the question that led to this plugin.

Software is “Name Your Own Price.”
$0.0 is fine, but if you would like to contribute, any amount is appreciated. Thank you!

Larval – Jeff Kaiser, Seth Andrew Davis, Kevin Cheli


Jeff Kaiser (trumpet & laptop/electronics)

Seth Andrew Davis (electric guitar & laptop/electronics)

Kevin Cheli (drums/percussion, objects)

Available as CD or digitally (linked below)

Recorded October 21, 2021 at Weights and Measures Soundlab in Kansas City, MO

Engineered by Duane Trower

Artwork by Kevin Cheli

All music © 2021 by Jeff Kaiser, Kevin Cheli, Seth Andrew Davis

Released by Mother Brain Records

Review, Vinny Golia’s “Even to this day…”

A lovely review in the NYC Jazz Record of Vinny’s last big project on pfMENTUM before we closed. I even got a shout out: “Kaiser’s trumpet and electronics are wonderfully weird…” 🙂

Larval – Jeff Kaiser, Seth Davis, Kevin Cheli – Mother Brain

Larval is the release of Kevin Cheli (drums/percussion, objects) Seth Andrew Davis (electric guitar /laptop/electronics), AND Jeff Kaiser (trumpet/laptop/electronics). The album was recorded in October of 2021 at Weights & Measures Soundlab, the day after the …