Accidental Wine Tasting: with Burton Greene and Raoul van der Weide

One of the many fantastic things about this time of the year in Amsterdam: The sun stays in the sky so late.

I woke up early and went to work in the studio until 4pm when I met Raoul van der Weide for coffee on his houseboat. (Which he was in the midst of doing repairs after a leak.) Raoul had told me that Burton Greene lived in a boat nearby…”nearby” turned out to be about 25 feet away.

We went over to hang with Burton, and check out the piano (and harpsichord) he has on his boat. He informed us that there was an art opening across the way at Artivino across the street…we went, and it turned out to be a full blown wine tasting…great stuff.

Raoul “framed”
(Click any pic to enlarge)
The architecture around the dock, a bit bent from my panorama setting
Raoul’s boat is made from wood that came from the roof of a centuries old church…
Raoul and Burton at the art/wine gallery
A pause to wander over to Burton’s boat
Wine tasting…
(There has to be a good caption for this one)
The walk home

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