Alpine to Bakersfield to Berkeley…a beautiful drive…

I’m guest lecturing at The Jazzschool in Berkeley, California this coming week…and decided to make a bit of a Spring Break trip out of it. Spent time with Nicholas Deyoe, Tom McNalley and Frannie Garretson at Highland Cafe in Los Angeles, then Louis Lopez at the Market in Pasadena, Kris Tiner at The Padre in Bakersfield and Chris Truitt at Dagny’s in Bakersfield before heading off to Berkeley. Then I step out of my hotel in Berkeley and turn a corner and George Lewis is walking towards me…had a pleasant, but brief visit. This was doubly odd to see George as I had just been watching him speak in Elements of One, the Steve Coleman documentary….Dinner at Cafe Gratitude and now off to meet Leah Bowden, Phil Skaller and Tom Ferguson for cocktails…(Yes, Leah and Phil are in town. Wacky.)
Some of the views in the past 36 hours:
Morning, from my backyard in Alpine.



From Dagny’s in Bakersfield.



On the 580 near Livermore. 


From my hotel in Berkeley.