Colin Woodford Recording Session

In the early stages of a horrible flu and fever (still going) I had a *wonderful* Thursday evening recording Colin Woodford playing solo cymbal. Thankfully, my friend Joachim Goßmann was there to prevent me from making any fever-induced-hallucination-based mistakes. The recording turned out fantastic.

For you technology-interested folks, here are the details. We used a pair of DPA 4006-TL omni microphones and a pair of Josephson C42 cardioid microphones going into Grace pre-amps. I probably will only use the DPAs, they sound amazing. You can see how we set them up, the stereo field of the cymbal is quite stunning. It was recorded at the University of California San Diego ICAM Studios into a Pro Tools HD system recording at 96/24.

Click on any image to see a larger photo.

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