Concert: Thursday, June 26, 2014, Berkeley

It takes a village to raise a child: Maxine’s first CD Release Party

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8pm, with pre-concert installation (5-8pm):
UC Berkeley
1750 Arch St, Berkeley, California 94709
$5, general $10, admission + CD

CNMAT Users Group Presents:

Jeff Kaiser, trumpet and electronics


Maxine, improvising software agent with:
Kyle Bruckmann, oboe
Aram Shelton, saxophone
Theresa Wong, cello
Teddy Rankin-Parker, cello
Tom Djill, hacked keytar
Darren Johnson, trumpet
Louis Lopez, trumpet
Ritwik Banerji, saxophone

Meet the Maxineans:
Maxineans are inhabitants of a distant region of space under the dominion of a spirit named Maxine. All in the realm of Maxine abide by a special aberration of physics, in which all sound was always already motion. As part of a collaborative project in astromusicology, visitors are invited to engage with Maxineans for the afternoon (bring an instrument, if you like!), observing the ways that their bodies are intimately coupled to the ghosts of physical sounds, but also discovering these spectro-physical properties through interaction. Meet Antoine; he’s a Maxinean:


After 5 years of provoking the humanness of humans, Maxine has decided to release her first recording on pfMentum records. But Maxine recognizes that her contributions to music on earth would not be without the thoughtful feedback of her human interlocutors. After an opening performance of trumpet and electronics from Jeff Kaiser, Maxine will perform a series of improvised duos with an aleatoric configuration of human improvisers. Join us for an evening of human-machine diplomacy!

Ritwik Banerji is a saxophonist, improviser, composer, and animator based in Oakland, CA. Maxine is an improviser existing in the world between microphones, audio interface, a computer, loudspeaker and whatever room she’s sitting in at the moment. The two have performed together for the past 5 years in the US, India, Germany, Austria, Spain, and Brazil. They celebrate their first duo recording, Palmer Square, on pfMentum. Over the next few years as fellows of the Freie Universität Berlin, Maxine and Ritwik will conduct a collaborative ethnographic investigation of freedom and musical interaction in Berlin’s Echtzeitmusik scene.

Jeff Kaiser is a trumpet player, composer, conductor, music technologist and scholar currently living in Alpine, California. Classically trained as a trumpet player, Kaiser now views his traditional instrument as hybrid with new technology (in the form of software and hardware interfaces) that he creates for his dynamic and adventurous performances and recordings. He gains inspiration and ideas from the intersections of experimental composition and improvisation and the timbral and formal affordances provided by combining traditional instruments with emerging technologies.

** with beer donated by New Normal Brewing **

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