Double Quartet Re-visited…

Despite, what it says in the review, it is not *quite* out of print…I also have a few copies that are available….nice to revisit the review, though!

From Downtown Music Gallery’s Newsletter today:
Not Breath: Music For Double Quartet (Nine Winds
206; USA)  Jeff Kaiser, trumpet and pump organ;
Michael Vlatkovich, trombone; Vinny Golia,
woodwinds; Gene Doi, woodwinds; Jim Connolly,
contrabass; Hannes Giger, contrabass; Brad Dutz,
percussion; Richie West, percussion.
“I almost began this review with a confession
that I was lying about the Trignition CD [9Winds]being the most inaccessible CD, but as I listened
further, I stopped myself. This disc is a huge,
70-minute, eleven-part suite that begins subtly
and improvisationally and then explodes in many
multi-layered compositions and quirky fanfares. I
feel the apex of the disc culminates in Section
VIII, which I will call the “theme”.  It’s the
only part of the disc that my mind sings. The
rest is an avant-garde smorgasboard that swings
in places, much like Ornette’s original double
quartet did on the historic Free Jazz. Nothing Is
Not Breath goes beyond that template, happily,
and saturates itself with wonderful 20th Century
classical sensibilities. In attempting to
interpret the title of this work, I believe that
even though only four of the eight instruments
are winds, the percussion and double basses
actually seem to breathe. The rising and falling
of dynamics, and the lack of rhythm or pulse in
some selections, resembles a large organism
slowly inhaling.. and exhaling. The tumbling
marimba is the rattle of its breath, the
squealing reeds its vocal chords, the percussion
its raspy cough. This is a Kaiser masterwork –
not to mention that Golia is on it, of course!” –
Fred Barrett
CD normally $15.. NOW $13      (Out of print, but we have it!)