MMEA 2023

MMEA 2023

Hands-On Digital Audio Workstations:
Teaching with free and/or inexpensive software

Bring your laptop to this hands-on workshop as we dig into the creative possibilities of digital audio workstations (DAWs) in the classroom for recording, editing, mixing, and a lot of fun.

I will post links and installation instructions on this page one week before the workshop. Software will only be available for Windows and Mac (some Linux) and run on a variety of “vintages” of computers.

No experience needed, we will start from the ground up.

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Day/Time for this presentation:

Friday • January 27, 2023 • 2:45pm-3:45pm • Northwinds

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Please follow the following instructions in their entirety to be fully prepared for the workshop.

All five should be downloaded AND installed for the full hands-on experience.

Don’t hesitate to use the “Contact” link in the menu with any problems/questions. As stated above, these will only work on Mac, Windows, and Linux (all but Super Massive will work on Linux).

  1. Reaper (Fully functions in Demo Mode, no need to purchase for the workshop)
  2. Helm Synthesizer (Free)
  3. MT Power Drum Kit (Free)
  4. Valhalla Super Massive (Free)
  5. Media Files (Free)