Made Audible: Jeff Kaiser and Trevor Henthorn

    Probability-based Electronica, since 2008


    Made Audible sonifies information—working with the many possibilities of sonification, from data to concepts, from science to politics.

    Made Audible uses Ableton Live, Ableton Push and develops custom plugins and instruments in Max for Live (leveraging the power of Cycling '74's MAX) for their analysis, recordings and performances.

    Jeff Kaiser is a trumpet player, music technologist and scholar living in Warrensburg, Missouri. Traditionally trained as a trumpet player in classical and jazz, Kaiser now views his traditional instrument as hybrid with new technology that he creates. Jeff gains inspiration and ideas from the intersections of experimental composition and improvisation and the timbral and formal affordances provided by combining traditional instruments with emerging technologies. The roots of his music are firmly in the experimental traditions within jazz, improvised and Western art music practices. Kaiser considers his art audio-centric, but he also works with live video, tracking and interactive technologies. His latest work explores the data-driven generation of musical content. He is an Assistant Professor in Music Technology and Composition at the University of Central Missouri. Click here for more about Jeff Kaiser.

    Trevor Henthorn is a trumpet player, percussionist, composer, music and network technologist currently living in San Diego, California. With a background in electrical engineering and psychology, his music explores aspects of hypertechnology and psychoacoustics. His recent explorations emphasize analog and data-driven synthesis with '90s electronic percussion forms. He gains inspiration and ideas from new media concepts and media contradictions with characteristics of industrialized performances. He is currently teaching at the Art Institute of California, San Diego and working as a programmer within the Department of Music at the University of California, San Diego. Click here for more about Trevor Henthorn.


    Our current work is on making probabilities audible.

    We have performed and presented on this topic in a wide variety of venues and locations from La Caja Fuerte in Tijuana, Mexico to the inaugural AMT Festival (art, technology, music) sponsored by the San Diego Art Institute (SDAI) in collaboration with the Fleet Science Center and Southwestern College (a national festival of experimental, electronic, and data-driven ideas in a creative laboratory featuring cutting edge performances, music hacking, and demos that connect artists, students, technologists, researchers, thought leaders, and businesses in a vibrant environment). We hung out at LOOP in Berlin, were in residence at STEIM in Amsterdam, at the 12 50 Club in Tijuana, Mexico, GenMark Dignostics(!) in Carlsbad, Porter's Pub at UC San Diego,  as part of Open Oscillator at The Whistle Stop in South Park, San Diego, multiple performances at The  Art of Espresso, UCSD, San Diego, University of San Diego, and many more.

    Selected Dates:

    2015-05-01 - Art of Espresso, UCSD, La Jolla, CA

    2015-05-16 - Open Oscillator at The Whistle Stop, San Diego, CA

    2015-05-22 - Porter's Pub, UCSD, La Jolla, CA

    2015-08-09 - GenMark Diagnostics, Carlsbad, CA

    2015-08-22 - Mous Tache, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

    2016-03-18  to 2016-03-28 - STEIM Residency, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    2017-02-04 - Jeff Kaiser presents “Made Audible: The tools of probability-based Electronica,” as part of the panel on Data Visualization and Sonification at the inaugural ART, MUSIC, TECHNOLOGY Festival in San Diego, CA

    2017-05-17 - La Caja Fuerte, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico