The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet

This is exciting music ranging from almost silence to tutti passages, from intricate suspenseful passages formed by repeated sixteenth notes to forming a tapestry on which the soprano sax can solo. It’s a colossal work which merits repeated listening sessions.

—Vital Weekly

The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet experimental large ensemble has in its DNA a direct lineage through Mahacuisinarte and the Jeff Kaiser Double Quartet. Featuring as many as 40 musicians, from avant-garde big band leanings with experimental choral writing to forays with poets, dancers, and more, the ensemble also traces its lineage through the history of experimental big bands and ensembles. With the first album released in 2002 (17 Themes), the popular 13 Themes for a Triskaidekaphobic in 2003,  and The Alchemical Mass (which included full choir) in 2004. The most recent in 2022, is the chaotic and compelling 132350, featuring an expanded cast of characters on anything from theremin to cimbasso including: Compositions/Conducting/Voice/Pump Organ: Jeff Kaiser; Woodwinds: David Borgo, Vinny Golia, Emily Hay, Tracy McMullen, Andrew Pask (with modular synths); Trumpets: Dan Clucas, John Fumo, Brad Henkel, Daniel Rosenboom, Kris Tiner; Trombones: Michael Dessen, Michael Vlatkovich; Tuba and more: Jonathan Piper, William Roper; Acoustic Guitars: Tom McNalley; Contrabasses: Mark Dresser, Jim Connolly (with musical saw); Electric Contrabass Guitar: Steuart Liebig; Piano/Keyboards/Theremin: Wayne Peet; Percussion and so much more: Brad Dutz, Rich West; with Special Guests Bonnie Barnett and Dick Wood. While there are many in this latest incarnation, the cast has changed over the years, so be sure to read the notes for the different albums. For example, drummers have included Billy Mintz!Check the recordings below, they are available for "pay what you want." There are also some remarkable photos. We hope to perform again. More to come. In the meanwhile, enjoy some music! (If you want physical copies of the CDs, go to

Photos from UCSD show, November 2011. Photographers: Jessica Flores, William Roper, Rich West, Jeff Kaiser