Jeff Kaiser: quartertone trumpet and laptop

Don Haugen: electronics

Recording Information

Live performance, 7/3/2010 at the New Zone Gallery, Eugene, OR USA

Originally released on the (now defunct) net label run by ChefKirk with a focus on noise music, Control Valve.

Original Liner Notes:

artist: Jeff Kaiser and Don Haugen
title: "Transistor Illumicator"


Jeff Kaiser plays quartertone trumpet with software of his own design authored in Max/MSP. After many years as a full-time musician, he has recently entered into graduate studies and is working towards a PhD in Integrative Studies (music, with a dual focus on critical studies and ethnomusicology) at the University of California San Diego. As well as performing regularly in the US and abroad, he also runs the record labels pfMENTUM and Angry Vegan Records.

Don Haugen aka WARNING BROKEN MACHINE(Spokane, WA USA, 1971)
Don Haugen is a sound artist, graphic designer, and photographer residing in Eugene, Oregon USA. A sound experimenter that focuses on minimalism, maximalism and other contemporary musical forms.

ìIllumicator is a model name of a certain portable multi-band (SW, AM, FM, CB, and VHF bands) transistor radio from the early 70's or late 60's.

Transistor Illumicator is a live improvised collaborative recording that took place on 7/3/2010 at the New Zone Gallery, Eugene, OR USA.

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