Concert, Omaha Under The Radar, July 25-28, 2018

I will be performing ZEITNOT II at Omaha Under the Radar. I’m very excited to visit this city and participate in this great festival! For more information:

Paper, “Improvising Technology, Constructing Virtuosity” direct links….

The full texts of Improvising Technology, Constructing Virtuosity (Jeff Kaiser) and Configurin(g) KaiBorg: Interactivity, ideology, and agency in electro-acoustic improvised music (co-author David Borgo) are now available at:

“Improvising Technology, Constructing Virtuousity” published

My article “Improvising Technology, Constructing Virtuosity” was published! It is in the wonderful tri-lingual journal “Cuadernos De Música, Artes Visuales Y Artes Escénicas.” Click “Idioma” on the sidebar to select your language. Special thanks to Claudia Salamanca (editor) …

Presentation, El Grup d’Etnomusicologia, Barcelona

I will be presenting research for my larger project, Improvising Technology: Virtuosity, Machines, and Interagency, to the El Grup d’Etnomusicologia (part of the Grup de treball de l’Institut Català d’Antropologia, ICA —Catalan Institute of Anthropology) in …

Concert, SEAMUS, 2018 National Conference, Eugene, Oregon

Unfortunately, due to travel issues, I will not be able to perform at this years SEAMUS Conference. I will be performing ZEITNOT II at the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS) 2018 National …

KaiBorg: New York for the EIS and an UNPLUGGED event

KaiBorg (Jeff Kaiser and David Borgo) will be celebrating their new CD release in New York. KaiBorg, UNPLUGGED! Wednesday, February 21, 2018 8pm KaiBorg UNPLUGGED (Jeff Kaiser and David Borgo, Dave Ballou, solo trumpet, A.E. …

KaiBorg “Vibrant Matters” Review, The New York City Jazz Record

From (Robert Bush, author), February 2018 Issue “KaiBorg is the adventurous duo of electro-acoustic provocateurs Jeff Kaiser (quarter-tone trumpet, live computer processing) and David Borgo (soprano saxophone, various wind instruments and live computer processing.) This album …

KaiBorg CD Release concert, David Borgo visits UCM

David Borgo will be visiting/lecturing/performing at University of Central Missouri. KaiBorg (Jeff Kaiser and David Borgo) in Concert at Hart Recital Hall Friday, January 12, 7pm FREE Details to follow

KaiBorg releases new recording, Vibrant Matters

New KaiBorg recording, Vibrant Matters! David Borgo: soprano saxophone, dudukophone, raj nplaim, double duct flute, skatchbox, chromatic tambin, futujara, and live computer processing Jeff Kaiser: quartertone trumpet and live computer processing For more info: