Oliva Serie V Torpedo

(Interesting…here I am working on my PhD…I thought I’d be blogging more about music, but instead, it’s all about cigars…)

For my smoke this week, I had the very highly rated and regarded Oliva Serie V Torpedo.

My friend and composer, Brian Griffith-Loeb joined me and we had a nice hang here at Cafe Vita in La Jolla, CA watching the sun go down enjoying tobacco.

My expectations were high, read the “Fan Mail” section here at CigarsInternational.com.

First of all, the construction is exquisite, a very nicely made cigar.

It burned very evenly, had a great draw.

I must say, at the beginning (the first inch or so) it was pretty much just another good cigar, but then, the flavor became amazing. I’m used to cigars that change throughout the duration of the smoke…modulating through a series of taste variations. But this hit all of a sudden: coffee, bitter chocolate, cherry, a touch of oak and slight pepper. It tasted up there with the best cigars I’ve smoked, but then, it was gone, just back to how it started. A wild, sharp transition coming and going…the flavor kicked up for a moment towards the end, and then again, quickly departed.

An interesting smoke that I highly recommend…this cigar had some great moments.

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