Raw Materials: Sander Roscoe Wolff feat. Jeff Kaiser

Raw Materials is a new album length recording of ambient music by Sander Roscoe Wolff featuring Jeff Kaiser and more.

From the liner notes:

Created from a need to connect, and dissolve the creative isolation of the pandemic, Raw Materials is a collaborative ambient work created with recordings of acoustic instruments. I was hoping to create something comforting, abstract, and beautiful, while embracing the unknown elements of the raw materials.
To acquire the raw materials, I reached out to 10 gifted professional musicians, and asked them to record an improvisation in the key of Fm.
Contributors include:
Kenny Blacklock (violin)
Ellen Burr (flute)
Jeff Kaiser (flugelhorn)
Angelo Metz (acoustic guitar)
Mattias Ollson (glockenspiel)
Tom Peters (contrabass)
Katie Porter (bass clarinet)
Gee Rabe (accordion)
Charles Sharp (alto sax)
Daniel Smith (cello).
For Part 1, I used parts of these recordings as the raw materials for the piece, processing them using an iPad Pro and an extensive set of apps and effects, including AUM, Auditor, and countless others. These processed elements were then assembled and mixed in Cubasis 2.
The raw materials for Part 2 is actually Part 3, which I time-stretched and otherwise effected. Part 3 used the unprocessed elements, assembled and mixed in Cubasis 2.
I am deeply grateful for the generous contributions of the participating artists. Many thanks to my best friend and tireless supporter, Shari Ann Lamb. Thanks, also, to Ketil Vestrum Einarsen, Emily Hay, Mike Weber, Jan Edward Vogels, and everyone who patiently listened to me blather about this project for the last 6 months

Currently available for free at: https://srwolff.bandcamp.com/album/raw-materials