Article: Configurin(g) KaiBorg: Interactivity, ideology, and agency in electro-acoustic improvised music

David Borgo and Jeff Kaiser

Drawing on our experiences as electro-acoustic improvisers in the duo KaiBorg ( and on emerging theory in the social studies of technology and neocybernetics, this paper interrogates the ideologies that underpin notions of interaction and interactivity and it theorizes a notion of agency of a far more complex variety than that of traditional humanism. We suggest configurin(g) as a useful theoretical orientation in which users, technologies, and environments mutually constitute one another via strange loops of perturbation/compensation.


David Borgo and Jeff Kaiser, “Configurin(g) KaiBorg: Interactivity, Ideology, and Agency in Electro-Acoustic Improvised Music,” in Beyond the Centres: Musical Avant-Gardes Since 1950, ed. Costas Tsougras, Danae Stefanou, and Kostas Chardas (Thessaloniki, Greece: Aristotle University, 2010).