Scores by Jeff Kaiser

Most of the following scores use a hybrid notation that combines traditional and graphic elements. Two of the scores are for large ensemble — 132350 and 13 Themes for a Triskaidekaphobic — are modular and the form is improvised by the conductor. Other scores are more through-composed, but still contain elements of improvisation: one is for large ensemble and choir (The Alchemical Mass), one for choir and electronics (The Answer to Job), one for solo marimba and electronics (9503 , plus a variation for voice and electronics, 9503 Maryknoll), one for quintet (Glasses—four themes based on the shapes of drinking glasses), and Wise Toupée for clarinet and electronics. All of the works including electronics use custom digital signal processing and ambisonic software I author in Max. If you are interested in performing any of these works, or others I have written, please use the form on to email me.

The Alchemical Mass and 13 Themes for a Triskaidekaphobic can be streamed for free under Music.

There is a video of the premier of  9503 here.

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9505 Maryknoll - 1
9505 Maryknoll - 2
9505 Maryknoll - 3