Jeff Kaiser / Tom McNalley / Ted Byrnes: External Logic Machine (PFMCD066)

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Jeff Kaiser • Tom McNalley • Ted Byrnes


External Logic Machine
Jeff Kaiser: Bb trumpet, quatertone trumpet, flugelhorn
Tom McNalley: Acoustic guitar, tricone resonator guitar
Ted Byrnes: percussion

1. A Disciplinarian Society
2. Attention to the Locality
3. Blood and Genes
4. Cooperation Among Productive Sites
5. For an Entire Working Life
6. Frontier and The Idea
7. He Gave Us A Toolbox
8. Hibernation
9. In Order to Preserve Order
10. Particularly Clear in the Case
11. Potential Rationale
12. The Disequilibria of Circulation
13. Thousands of Daily Practices

Recorded by Jeff Kaiser and Ben Power 3.23.2011 at the ICAM Studio, University of California San Diego
Mixed and Mastered by Jeff Kaiser
Design and layout by Ted Byrnes and Jason Tauritz

All compositions ©2011 Jeff Kaiser Music, ASCAP; Tom McNalley Music, ASCAP




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