Session with Jeff Denson and Brian McLaughlin

Saturday, March 21, I had a wonderful session with Jeff Denson (doctoral student here at UCSD) and Brian McLaughlin (awesome drummer from LA) at UCSD’s lovely Studio A. Our engineer was our friend and fellow doctoral student, the able and creative Danny Shapira and another friend Joachim Goßmann (tonmeister and fellow doctoral student) came by and was of great assistance. The music was a mix of all acoustic and some acoustic with live electronics…I like it! Look for it sometime in the near future…

Bass and voice, Jeff Denson

Drums, Brian McLaughlin

Trumpet and electronics, Jeff Kaiser

Engineer, Danny Shapira

Special assistance, Joachim Goßmann
(Adjusting my mics, from left to right: a Schoeps, Neuman TLM170 and two Cole ribbon mics. Never had that many on my horn at once, but sounds good and has many possible combinations…)

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