Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art 2006

The Choir Boys (me and Andrew Pask) had a wonderful gig at the Nomad World Pub in Minneapolis, MN last night…what a great venue. Part of the Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art directed by Douglas Geers, we played as part of their Spark Nightlife…a great club, the night was curated by J.P. Hungelmann who was AWESOME. A great guy who took care of our every need (assisted by Mark, the soundguy), from making sure I could hear myself in the monitors (which was a problem, but got fixed right away) to making sure we had our favorite cocktails on the bandstand. His curating was beautiful, flowing from ambient, to the madness of the Choir Boys, to pointillistic laptop and video. Wonderful night. One of the great shows of the night: video artist Mark Henrickson working with Jitter…wonderful video, The Choir Boys hope to work with him sometime. I hope he is reading this. Photos by Roy Carroll an Irishman living in Germany with a wide vocabulary of Canadian slang…he also turned in a mean set on laptop using Reaktor. Check out his amazing grooves at his Myspace Site.

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