Thursday night at Spark

Great night! Since we performed opening night our only job now is to hang out, listen to music, and meet people. I was lucky enough to hang out with Andrew Pask, of course, and meet Ben Neville, Nathan Wolek, Joe Grimm and other very interesting musicians, as well as see the beautiful and engaging Smyth-Wymore Disappearing Acts. One of the most engaging and interesting pieces yet on the program….wonderful. That and the folk-singer/percussion/musical saw (!) duo….REALLY! Haunting folk singing with fiddle and overtone singing accompanied by dark electronics and percussion: “A Conversation with Death” Michael Theodore and Tim Eriksen performed. Tim Eriksen is a bit of a legendary character around here….beautiful day. I can’t say enough good about Tim Eriksen, he is the real deal. Check him out by clicking here.

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