UCSD Music Collaborations with Rand Steiger and Tom Erbe

Still from Rand Steiger's Mixed Musings

My friendships with musicians Tom Erbe and Rand Steiger go back just a few years… AND both have asked me to provide improvised clips played on the trumpet for projects, and I cannot believe I never shared them here….please check them out!

The Rand Steiger video, Mixed Musings, includes: Mark Applebaum (piano, mousketer), Brian Batchley (guitar, Harmonica), David Bithell (piano), David Borgo (hose, saxophones), Claire Chase (flutes, pan pipes), Mark Dresser (bass), Aiyun Huang (percussion), Jeff Kaiser (trumpet), Ross Karre (percussion), Philip Larson (voice), Albert Liang (cello), Alex Lipowski (thundersheet), Daniel Lippel (guitar), Mark Menzies (violin), Ryan Muncy (soprano saxophone), Christopher Otto (violin), Joshua Rubin (clarinet), Steven Schick (percussion), Kathryn Schulmeister (bass), Rand Steiger (drumset, garage door), Samuel Steiger (violin), and Wilfrido Terrazas (duck call).

The Tom Erbe take on John Cage’s William’s Mix includes: Bobby Bray, Carl Stone, Wobbly, Tom Djil, Greg Davis, Stephan Mathieu, Scot-Gresham Lancaster, Doug Van Nort, Rick Nance, Elainie Lillios, Jeff Kaiser, William Dixon, Clay Chaplin, Michael Trigilio, Samuel Dunscombe, Maggi Payne, Jay Lesser, Cooper Baker, Tina Tallon, and Tom Erbe.

Both of these are VERY enjoyable, so I hope you…enjoy them.

While you’re here…also check out their websites, I checkout Erbe’s Soundhack regularly: https://www.soundhack.com/

And Rand’s Rand.info