A collection of  videos featuring the work of Jeff Kaiser: ZEITNOT, The Desert Fathers (with Gregory Taylor), 9503 (with Leah Bowden), and The Peanut Vendor (KaiBorg, with David Borgo).

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20 November 2015 — Shiley Theatre — University of San Diego

Jeff Kaiser: Bb trumpet, quartertone trumpet, flugelhorn, interactive audio and video software

This live performance was filmed and edited by Kyle Johnson of Exceptionally Decent Media Group

This is the second work in a series inspired by my love of chess. The first, ZUGZWANG, is a duo for trumpet and electric guitar. This latest work is titled ZEITNOT, German for “need of time.”
The music in this work furthers my development of software for live performance, creating a hybrid sonic environment of human, trumpet, software and space. The majority of sounds you hear are created live with my trumpet and voice and then processed by software I author in the Max programming environment. (The same environment I use to author the video processing software.) Other sounds you hear include selections from a sample library I have been creating by recording the trumpet while it is not being played in the traditional fashion: the sound of air escaping from slides, valves descending and ascending, pipes and bells being struck and plucked. These libraries are accessed by rhythm and pitch generators that provide a context for live improvisation. All audio is then spatialized in the concert hall using ambisonics, a surround sound variant. [This performance, while performed in ambisonics, was recorded in stereo.]

The Desert Fathers

Performed live at STEIM (Studio for Electro Instrumental Music) in Amsterdam, 5 August 2010.
Video Recording: Vivian Wenli Lin
Audio Recording: Kees van Zelst
Special thanks to all those at STEIM for helping make our stay productive: Taku, Nico, Esther, Robert, Daniel, Joel, everybody! Also to our co-residents at the time: Lesley Flanigan, Jesse Seay, David Schwarz, PIRX.


for vibraphone and live electronics.
Performance by Leah Bowden, vibraphone.
Composition by Jeff Kaiser.

The original performance used ambisonics (multichannel) audio and took place at UC San Diego in the Experimental Theater with a Meyer Sound Laboratories EXP Cinema Series audio system. It is represented here in stereo for documentation purposes only.
Filmed by Paul Hembree, edited by Leah Bowden.

KaiBorg – The Peanut Vendor

David Borgo – soprano saxophone and live electronics
Jeff Kaiser – quartertone trumpet, voice, live electronics and live video
Conrad Prebys Music Center, UCSD – May 20, 2015

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