Vital Weekly Reviews “132350” by the Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet

vital weekly, review

A nice review from Vital Weekly! If you are not familiar with them, check out their site at:, a magazine that emerged on paper in 1987 (!!!) and then moved to digital.

From issue 1350:

“The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet is an experimental extended big band led by Jeff Kaiser, ’a  trumpet player, composer, conductor, media technologist, and scholar.‘ This mutation features a theremin, a singing saw and an electric contrabass guitar. The title track is sandwiched between a poem by Allen Ginsberg (Father Dead Blues) and Brenda Lee’s The End of the World. It’s a graphic score, available at to see. This is exciting music ranging from almost silence to tutti passages, from intricate suspenseful passages formed by repeated sixteenth notes to forming a tapestry on which the soprano sax can solo. It’s a colossal work which merits repeated listening sessions. It’s a live recording from 2011 and adequately mixed in 2021. The digital version has a bonus: a 30 minutes long revisitation of another piece: thirteen Themes for a Triskaidekaphobic. This is highly recommended for anyone interested in music with an experimental basis but without losing its tie with melody and rhythm. The second half of section seven is an excellent example. (MDS)”

You can listen to all the ockodektet’s recordings free here: