Berlin: August 10-12, 2010

BBQ at Jürg Bariletti’s in Friedrichshain, two days of caffeine fueled recording with Roy Carroll (he makes the best espresso in Wedding, second place is Coffee Star), caught Tom Arthurs‘ performance at Wendel (smoking), Maria Chavez and Ignaz Schick at NK (smoking), spent time with Keith O’Brien and Roy, plenty of time in Neuköln and Kreuzberg with Jeffrey Trevino, late night African bistro hang with Annette Krebs, Ignaz, Jeffrey and all the apartment mates (woke up to find Ignaz here at the house, went out for a coffee and chatted for two hours about music), ran into Liz Albee and Thea Farhadian and a particularly great afternoon today with the fantastic Robert Henke http://www.monolake.de/ (who had vegan pastries!) talking shop.

(click to enlarge)

The fantastic Roy Carroll making a fine espresso

At Jürg’s

An interesting beer at Wendel’s

Ariana at the bier garten in Neuköln

Maria Chavez


Maria and Ignaz

At the Bistro…

Jeffrey and Annette

Ignaz, Phil, Ayesha

Carolyn and Jeff

Ignaz and Phil

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