Jeff Kaiser and David Borgo: KaiBorg / Harvesting Metadata (PFMCD058)

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David Borgo: soprano and sopranino saxophones, chalumeau,
dudukophone, whistlophone, mijwiz, slide whistle and laptop

Jeff Kaiser: quartertone trumpet, flute, voice and laptop

1. Harvesting 1:24
2. Flow Control 8:19
3. Maladaptive Optimization 5:32
4. Nodular 2:41
5. Exception Conditions 5:28
6. Threshing 2:46
7. Resumption Tokens 4:48
8. Postural Schema 4:05
9. Hypernymic Entailment 16:56
10. Intereaction 4:15
11. Reaping 4:47

(Click on any track for excerpt)

Recorded by Tom Erbe, 1-2 July 2009, Studio A, University of California San Diego
All performances are improvisations with live electronic processing
Mixed and mastered by Jeff Kaiser and David Borgo, November 2009
All music © 2010 by David Borgo Music, ASCAP and Jeff Kaiser Music, ASCAP
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