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Review – 132350

Love it: Then to a pitifully singing saw and a sad organ Why does the sun go on shining? / Why does the sea rush to shore? / Don’t they know it’s the end of the …

The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet – 132350 (PFMCD150)

The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet

The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet – 132350

[playlist ids="11016"]

1. Father Death Blues
2. Section 1 to X
3. Section 5 to X
4. Section 7 (electronics intro)
5. Section 8 to X
6. End of the World

7. 13 Themes for a Triskaidekaphobic (revisited)

Digital Version available on starting 12/26/2021. In celebration of my birthday, the digital version only is available on a pay-what-you-want basis for the download starting at $0.00.

Compositions/Conducting/Voice/Pump Organ: Jeff Kaiser
Woodwinds: David Borgo, Vinny Golia, Emily Hay, Tracy McMullen, Andrew Pask (with modular synths)
Trumpets: Dan Clucas, John Fumo, Brad Henkel, Daniel Rosenboom, Kris Tiner
Trombones: Michael Dessen, Michael Vlatkovich
Tuba and more: Jonathan Piper, William Roper
Acoustic Guitars: Tom McNalley
Contrabasses: Mark Dresser, Jim Connolly (with musical saw)
Electric Contrabass Guitar: Steuart Liebig
Piano/Keyboards/Theremin: Wayne Peet
Percussion and so much more: Brad Dutz, Rich West
And Special Guests Bonnie Barnett Dick Wood

Dedicated to all my dear friends that played on this concert. Thank you so much. I miss you all, I miss playing together, I miss hanging out.

All compositions ©2022, Jeff Kaiser Music, ASCAP
Except “Father Death Blues” by Allen Ginsberg, ©Music of Virtual OBO May King Poetry MUSIC and; “End of the World” by Arthur Kent and Sylvia Dee, ©Music Sales Corporation, Used by Permission
Recorded by Josef Kucera and Tom Erbe, November 18, 2011
UC San Diego, Conrad Prebys Music Center
Mixed and Mastered by Wayne Peet, February 2021
Photograph by Jessica Flores
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The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet – 132350

The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet

The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet – 132350. Recorded for my 50th birthday, released for my 60th! Pay-what-you-want high quality download files starting at $0.00. (Happy Birthday!) Featuring amazing performers! CDs also available for $9.99 PLUS: Bonus material …

Concert – MOXsonic – March 5-7, 2020, is the premier experimental music festival of Missouri! Featuring The Choir Boys (Jeff Kaiser, Andrew Pask) An a new composition I wrote for Albert Kim! Details:


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Interview with Jeff Kaiser on KaiGen at Cycling74

I am very excited to share this new interview with me that went out with the Cycling ’74 newsletter! It was awesome to spend time with Andrew Pask talking about what we do as improvisors who …

Selected Press: 1996-2006

Zugzwang (with Tom McNalley) Sinister, strident and glacial sounds emanating from sunny Ventura, California. Kaiser uses quartertone trumpet, McNalley electric guitar. Both add electronics to distort, extend and transmute their instruments. Zugzwang communicates a taste for …