KaiGen — Interactive and Generative Software by Jeff Kaiser—Max for Live Plugins and Max Projects

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“[S]ome of the most interesting and idiosyncratic free audio effects out there…”
—Cycling 74

“The KaiGen Suite is a collection of some of the most interesting generative plugins that we’ve ever seen…”
—Keith McMillen Instruments

“This is a deep and powerful set of generative tools.”
—The Pro Audio Files

“…cool little powerful device.”
—The Producers Kitchen, Max for Live Roundup: 5 Free Instruments

KaiGen is an interactive and generative software suite I have developed solely for use in Ableton Live (as a Max for Live plugin) or in Max/MSP (Project files included) from Cycling ’74. These were first shared as Max patches beginning in 2006, developed for use by Made Audible beginning in 2008, and are used extensively in my upcoming (2021) CorpseBoy album.

These are provided free, as is, no tech support included. If you do have an issue that you think I should know about, please do send me a message via the contact page.

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KaiGen-M can be used to generate melodies, bass lines, harmonies, and more.
All bass lines, horn parts and percussion parts in this video are generated by KaiGen, running Kontakt in Ableton Live.

KaiGen-R can be used to generate rhythms, velocities, durations, and more.
All bass lines, horn parts and percussion parts in this video are generated by KaiGen, running Kontakt in Ableton Live.

KaiGen-Smaple-Palyer is a sample player that allows you to easily drag and drop files live, randomize their occurrence, change their pitch and direction, or: tie them to a beat. All mapped to your Push.

KaiGen-I-Ching uses the I-Ching (coin-method) to generate hexagrams that are then used to create program changes for your MIDI instruments. Please note: Not all plugin synths support program change via MIDI, so this may not work on some. In some synths you will need to build a Program List (Native Instruments) or Bank that the KaiGen-I-Ching will access and change.

Or you can just use it as an oracle during your Ableton Live sessions.

The intro music was all generated with KaiGen-I-Ching and KaiGen-M using Massive from Native Instruments.

Also included: KaiGen-C. KaiGen-C generates controller information that can be smoothed and manipulated in different ways. The ultimate control change knob twiddler.

Updated Nov. 14, 2020: fixed some bugs, more consistent appearance, added Max Project folders.

Updated Jan. 31, 2017: Now includes Max abstraction of the pulse generator and probability gate. Included, but not shown i the videos above is KaiGen-C. KaiGen-C generates CC data to twiddle knobs in different ways.

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