KaiserLooper—Live Looping Software for Max

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Fully hackable, free looper, and a lot of fun for arrhythmic and beat-oriented experimental live-looping. [Please note: this is a Max patcher, not a Max for Live plugin. It can of course be modified to run as an M4L plugin. That is on my to-do list.]

KaiserLooper 2

Allows for recording, overdubbing, chopping, segmenting, asynchronous loops, synchronous loops, combinations of synchronous and asynchronous loops, fully customizable because it is a Max patch! It runs in quadraphonic, but if you want mono, just use the first channel, stereo the first two, et cetera. Requirements: Max 8.

Installation Instructions:
Place the KaiserLooper folder into the ‘packages’ folder in the ‘Max 8’
directory here: <User>/Documents/Max 8/packages then restart Max

A fully functioning patcher will now be available in Max->Extras Menu.

Earlier version available, but not in package format. Works with earlier versions of Max.

Software is “Name Your Own Price.”
$0.0 is fine, but if you would like to contribute, any amount is appreciated. Thank you!

Minimum price: $0.00

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