Scores added, including “Improvising machine #7325 – Inside my trumpet, again”

Improvising machine #7325 - Inside my trumpet, again

I have added scores to, including Improvising machine #7325 – Inside my trumpet, again, written for my friend Gabriel Trottier. His performance is available here: I find this score fun in that it includes five versions. (The score can be basically do as you will.)

1) Interpret notation (notes/graphics)
2) Interpret word-based directions
3) Write your own version
4) Cut and Paste between all versions
5) Improvise as you find meaningful with no score

I have also included others from my Improvising Machine series (for improvising machine and indeterminate instruments) that have been written for my friends, including clarinetist Elisabeth Stimpert, pianist Albert Kim, trumpet player Alan Wenger, and horn player Gabriel Trottier. These works all use a machine improvisation algorithm that listens to —and sometimes ignores—the human performer.

I have also added some scores which are purely word-based descriptions of activities to be done with software-based performers. and fixed a few errors in the viewers. If you are interested in performing any of these, please contact me, or feel free to write me about possible collaborations or newly commissioned works. The easiest way is to use the Contact Form for this website. You can also message me via the Social Media links, although I check these less frequently.