Possible Echoes – Jeff Kaiser, Keith Wecker, Anthony Cammarota

Possible EchoesA homage to Jon Hassell Featuring:Jeff Kaiser, trumpet and electronicsKeith Wecker, field recordings and electronicsAnthony Cammarota, guitar and electronics Thursday30 May 2024Admission is Free First Set, 7pmEthereal HorizonsJeff Kaiser/Keith Wecker Second set 8pmSonic Dreamscape TheoryJeff …

jk.softstep – Software for Interacting with the Keith McMillan Softstep in Cycling 74’s Max Environment

jk.softstep is a set of free abstractions made with standard Max objects for interacting with Keith McMillen Instrument’s SoftStep within the Max environment. Please note: The v3 package moves to attribute-style arguments in the abstractions and is not compatible with prior versions. After installing the package, there is an overview patch and several example patches in the Max Extras Menu, as well as illustrative help files for each abstraction. I highly recommend checking out the overview patch.

NOW AVAILABLE IN MAX from the official “Package Manager”
Max->File Menu->“Show Package Manager”-> in the upper right corner, type in “softstep” to search for it-> Install

Version 3 is the recommended version, but *warning* does not work with the prior versions of jk.softstep:
LED functions now in main abstraction, no need to use separate abstraction
Attribute-style arguments, so no need to remember what #1, #2, et cetera sets.
Added outputs for specialized uses
Added sensitivity and smoothing options
Added polarity reversal for pedal input
A few other minor fixes, tweaks, and housekeeping

Unzip and place the “jk.softstep v3” folder into the ‘packages’ folder in the ‘Max 8’
directory here: <User>/Documents/Max 8/packages, then restart Max

Installation Instructions for version 2.4:
Place the jk.softstep folder into the ‘packages’ folder in the ‘Max 8’
directory here: <User>/Documents/Max 8/packages, then restart Max

Earlier versions are available, but not in package format.

Software is “Name Your Own Price.”
$0.0 is fine, but if you would like to contribute, any amount is appreciated. Thank you!


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pfMENTUM Recordings Archive

Links: About pfMENTUM/Artists pfMENTUM Recordings: CDs, LPs, DVDs archival information pfMENTUM Cover Art Archive pfMENTUM Selected ReviewspfMENTUM Recordings: CDs, LPs, DVDs archival information Archive for information about the recordings documented on pfMENTUM, including CDs, DVDs, vinyl …

KaiGen — Interactive and Generative Software by Jeff Kaiser—Max for Live Plugins and Max Projects

KaiGen Product Image
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“[S]ome of the most interesting and idiosyncratic free audio effects out there…”
—Cycling 74

“The KaiGen Suite is a collection of some of the most interesting generative plugins that we’ve ever seen…”
—Keith McMillen Instruments

“This is a deep and powerful set of generative tools.”
—The Pro Audio Files

“…cool little powerful device.”
—The Producers Kitchen, Max for Live Roundup: 5 Free Instruments

KaiGen is an interactive and generative software suite I have developed solely for use in Ableton Live (as a Max for Live plugin) or in Max/MSP (Project files included) from Cycling ’74. These were first shared as Max patches beginning in 2006, developed for use by Made Audible beginning in 2008, and are used extensively in my upcoming (2021) CorpseBoy album.

These are provided free, as is, no tech support included. If you do have an issue that you think I should know about, please do send me a message via the contact page.

While you are here, please take a moment to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, experimental music, tutorials, and more.

KaiGen-M can be used to generate melodies, bass lines, harmonies, and more.
All bass lines, horn parts and percussion parts in this video are generated by KaiGen, running Kontakt in Ableton Live.

KaiGen-R can be used to generate rhythms, velocities, durations, and more.
All bass lines, horn parts and percussion parts in this video are generated by KaiGen, running Kontakt in Ableton Live.

KaiGen-Smaple-Palyer is a sample player that allows you to easily drag and drop files live, randomize their occurrence, change their pitch and direction, or: tie them to a beat. All mapped to your Push.

KaiGen-I-Ching uses the I-Ching (coin-method) to generate hexagrams that are then used to create program changes for your MIDI instruments. Please note: Not all plugin synths support program change via MIDI, so this may not work on some. In some synths you will need to build a Program List (Native Instruments) or Bank that the KaiGen-I-Ching will access and change.

Or you can just use it as an oracle during your Ableton Live sessions.

The intro music was all generated with KaiGen-I-Ching and KaiGen-M using Massive from Native Instruments.

Also included: KaiGen-C. KaiGen-C generates controller information that can be smoothed and manipulated in different ways. The ultimate control change knob twiddler.

Updated Nov. 14, 2020: fixed some bugs, more consistent appearance, added Max Project folders.

Updated Jan. 31, 2017: Now includes Max abstraction of the pulse generator and probability gate. Included, but not shown i the videos above is KaiGen-C. KaiGen-C generates CC data to twiddle knobs in different ways.

Software is “Name Your Own Price.”
$0.0 is fine, but if you would like to contribute, any amount is appreciated. Thank you!

The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet: The Alchemical Mass and The Kaiser / Diaz-Infante Sextet: Suite Solutio (PFMCD019)

[playlist ids="396,393,395"]
The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet: The Alchemical Mass

The Kaiser/Diaz-Infante Sextet: Suite Solutio

The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet with The Ojai Camerata

Woodwinds: Vinny Golia, Eric Barber, Jason Mears * Trumpet/Flugelhorn: Kris Tiner * Trombone: Michael Vlatkovich
Tuba: Mark Weaver * Bass: Jim Connolly * Prepared Acoustic Guitar: Ernesto Diaz-Infante * Acoustic Piano: Wayne Peet
Percussion: Brad Dutz * Drum Set: Richie West * Jeff Kaiser: Conductor, Flugelhorn

The Ojai Camerata:
Sopranos: Diane Besocke, Candace Delbo, Eleanor Land,
Laura Johnson-Bickford, Lu Setnicka
Altos: Gwen Erickson, Lisa Gordon, Katherine Halsey,
Holly Mitchem, Zoe Pietrycha
Tenors: Carla Aiello, Jaye Hersh, J.B. White
Basses: Dave Farber, Jim Halverson, Kurt Meyer, Bill Wagner
Dr. Wyant Morton, Director

The Alchemical Mass
Conducted by Jeff Kaiser and Dr. Wyant Morton
1. Introitus 10:28
[Eric Barber, Soprano Sax * Vinny Golia, Sopranino Sax]
2. Kyrie 3:00
3. Collecta and Gloria 2:33
[Kris Tiner, Flugelhorn]
4. Epistola and Graduale 1:44
5. Offertorium 9:03
[Jeff Kaiser, Flugelhorn * Jason Mears, Alto Sax]
6. Ave Maria and Commune 7:16

Kaiser/Diaz-Infante Sextet
Trumpet/Flugelhorn: Jeff Kaiser * Prepared Acoustic Guitar: Ernesto Diaz-Infante
Trombone: Scot Ray * Bass: Jim Connolly * Percussion: Brad Dutz * Drum Set: Richie West

Suite Solutio
7. Part I 2:38
8. Part II 1:25
9. Part III 5:06
10. Part IV 5:49
11. Part V 4:19
Total Playing Time 53:21

All compositions and arrangements by Jeff Kaiser * (C)2004 Jeff Kaiser Music, ASCAP
The Alchemical Mass was recorded 4.26.03 at the First United Methodist Church in Ventura, CA
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Wayne Peet
Suite Solutio was recorded 2.25.01 at Zircon Skye in Ojai, CA
Recorded by Jeff Evans * Mixed and mastered by Jeff Kaiser
Photographs by Michael Kelly * Design and layout by Jeff Kaiser

The Alchemical Mass is dedicated to Keith McMullen for his friendship and unending supply of prima materia.
In Stercore Invenitur

Liner Notes:

“Obscurum Per Obscurius.”
[Explaining the obscure by the more obscure.]

-Anonymous Alchemical Quote

“It is true that alchemy always stood on the verge of heresy and that certain decrees leave no doubt as to the Church’s attitude towards it, but on the other hand it was effectively protected by the obscurity of its symbolism, which could always be explained by harmless allegory…The alchemists ran counter to the Church in preferring to seek through knowledge rather than to find through faith, though as medieval people they never thought of themselves as anything but good Christians…But in reality they were in much the same position as modern man, who prefers immediate personal experience to belief in traditional ideas, or rather has it forced upon him…For this reason there have always been people who, not satisfied with the dominants of conscious life, set forth – under cover and by devious paths, to their destruction or salvation – to seek direct experience of the eternal roots…”

-C.G. Jung, Psychology and Alchemy

Nicholas Melchior Cibenensis – chaplain and court astrologer to Ladislaus I (King of Hungary and Bohemia) and then Louis II – wrote the text of The Alchemical Mass between 1490 and 1516. Following the death of Louis II in 1526, Cibenensis fled to Vienna…where Ferdinand I would execute him in 1531. The original text is quite long and has been paraphrased for this composition.

Introitus Missae:
Fundamentum vero artis est corporum solutio quae, non in aquam nubis, sed in aquam mercurialem resolvenda sunt, ex qua generatur verus lapis philosophorum. [The basis of the Art is the dissolution of the bodies…]
Versus: Introitus vitrioli, et salis vitri, aequales partes, dans solutionis testimonium: Gloria patri, et filio, per spiritum sanctum.

Kyrie, fons bonitatis, inspirator sacrae artis, a quo bona cuncta tuis fidelibus procedunt, Eleison.
Christe, Hagie, lapis benedicte artis scientiae qui pro mundi salute inspirasti lumen scientiae, Eleison.
Kyrie, ignis divine, pectora nostra juva, ut pro tua laude pariter sacramenta artis expandere possimus, Eleison.
[Our Lord, fount of goodness, inspirer of the sacred art, from whom all good things come to your faithful, have mercy. Christ, Holy one, blessed stone of the art of the science who for the salvation of the world hast inspired the light of the science, have mercy. Our Lord, divine fire, help our hearts, that we may be able, to your praise, to expand the sacraments of the art, have mercy.]

Deus largitor totius bonitatis, qui maxime in fine temporum; sola tua bonitate et sapientia famulo tuo. N.N. non suis meritis praecedentibus: sed tua ineffabili pietate, et gratia praeveniente, lumen sacrae artis alchemiae inspirasti, praesta quae sumus, ut quod ex tuae maiestatis dono accepit, ad salutem corporis, et animae eius prosit, in ipsoque omnia vitia mortifica, et gratiam virtutis infunde, ut eandem sacram artem solum modo ad laudem, et gloriam nominis tui, et fidei Christianae propagationem, fideliter expendat, per dominum nostrum Jesum Christum, Amen.
[May thy servant N.N. practice the sacred Art of alchemy to the glory of God…]

Gloria in excelsis

O altitudo divitiarum sapientiae, et scientiae Dei.
[O profound, wise and knowledgeable God.]

Surge aquilo et veni auster: perfla hortum meum, et fluant aromata illius.
[Arise north wind, and come south wind, blow through my garden and let the aromatical spices flow.]

Ave Maria:
Salve, O caeli iubar speciosum, mundi lumen radiosum; hic cum luna copularis, sit copula martialis, et Mercurii coniunctio. Ecce res est una, radix una, essentia una…qui est lapis philosophorum. Hic est thesaurus thesaurorum, summa medicina philosophorum, caeleste secretum antiquorum, beatus, qui hoc invenerit.
[Hail beautiful lamp of heaven, shining light of the world! Here art thou united with the moon, here is made the band of Mars and the conjunction of Mercury. And behold it is one thing, one root, one essence…this being the stone of the philosophers. It is the treasure of treasures, the supreme philosophical potion, the divine secret of the ancients. Blessed is he that finds such thing.]

Commune: Regem nostrum venientem ex igne, illuminatum, et diademate coronatum, ipsum honorate in perpetuum. Amen.
[Glory be to our king who comes out of the fire, who is illumined, and crowned with the diadem, for ever and ever. Amen.]

I wish to thank Dr. Wyant Morton and the Ojai Camerata for commissioning this work and The City of Ventura’s Office of Cultural Affairs for a grant to fund The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet. I would also like to thank Adam McLean, author of over 40 books on alchemical and hermetic literature, who took the time out of his busy schedule to send me the complete Latin text of The Alchemical Mass with translation. Visit his web site at: www.levity.com/alchemy/ for text and art on all facets of alchemy.