jk.push – Software for Interacting with Ableton Push in Cycling 74’s Max Environment

jk.push 2 is a set of free abstractions made with standard Max objects for interacting with Ableton Push in Cycling 74’s Max environment.

Version 2.0.2 allows individual MIDI in and MIDI out ports to be selected.

NOW AVAILABLE IN MAX from the official “Package Manager”…!
Max->File Menu->“Show Package Manager”-> in the upper right corner, type in “push” to search for it-> Install

READ MORE ON CYCLING74.COM: https://cycling74.com/articles/package-arrival-the-jk-push-2-abstractions-for-maxmsp-ableton-push-controller

[Updated, 02-02-2020]

Please note: Version 2.0 and beyond moves to argument-based abstractions and is not compatible with versions 1.1 and earlier of jk.push.

If you wish to keep using both packages at the same time you will need to rename abstractions.

There are a variety of example patches in the Max Extras Menu.

Installation Instructions for version 2.0 and later:
Place the jk.push 2.0 folder into the ‘packages’ folder in the ‘Max 8’
directory here: <User>/Documents/Max 8/packages then restart Max

Earlier versions (1.1, 0.9, 0.5) are also available for download but are not all in package format.

Software is “Name Your Own Price.”
$0.0 is fine, but if you would like to contribute, any amount is appreciated. Thank you!

Minimum price: $0.00