“The place where Jeff Kaiser started out isn’t nearly as interesting as where he’s going, and where he’s tarried along the way; Classically trained as a trumpet player (and the owner of one sweet quarter-tone horn, by the way) his ‘instrument’ is now a hybridized and extended beast with Max/MSP as the coiled mainspring of the non-human portion…A quick look at his recorded work ought to suggest the breadth of his output and range of his collaborations…”Cycling '74

I work in Max, a visual programming environment.

For more information, visit Cycling74.com.

Most of the work I do is related to my personal performance needs or created for others as a consultant. However, I will post the occasional patch here that may be of general interest. If you use them, please let me know, I’m always curious what people do with these patches. Please send comments from the contact page, and if you want to thank me, consider purchasing one of my albums that feature the patches. In particular: The Desert Fathers, Endless Pie and KaiBorg.

Available here: http://music.jeffkaiser.com.

If you wish to contact me about this software, please use the Contact page linked here.

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The KaiGen generative Max patches and Ableton live plug-ins (M4L) for generating pitch, harmony, rhythm, control change data, have a new home: https://jeffkaiser.com/kaigen/

jk.push 1.0

Native abstractions for Ableton Push 2. Requires Max 7 and Push 2. Updated 25 January 2017.

These are made to be used in Max, not in Ableton Live.

Also included: live-exclude. A simple abstraction used to exclude live objects from autopattr.

A few notes:

  1. People who use Windows may need to change the midi port assignment in jk.pushcore.
  2. Sometimes when cranking the rotaries really fast, there might be a very minor glitch. I’ve tried variations using |counter|, but currently prefer |accum|, if you have other ideas, please let me know.
  3. There is a Max object for purchase out there that allows you to use the screen, but I’m looking for a free options. So, currently, no screen access here.
  4. Wish list: Greater color palette, simplified arguments…among others

Download jk.push here

jk.softstep v2.3

Native abstractions for the Softstep, requires Max 6 or 7. Minor updates 7 March 2015.

Download jk.softstep v2.3 here

KaiserLooper 2beta2

See notes for beta1 below. This version adds switching between synchronous and asynchronous sampling and a few other things. It also incorporates the new Softstep patches. Requires Max 7.01 or later, and will run fully functioning in demo mode.

Download KaiserLooper 2b2 here


My original asynchronous looper built in Max MSP. Lots of fun.

Download the original KaiserLooper here

I-Ching for Max

Uses all Max standard objects to generate I-Ching hexagrams using the three coin method. Includes the hexagram number, images with changing lines, and images without changing lines.

Please let me know if you find any errors. [Updated July 18, 2017]

Want more? Check out the KaiGen-I-Ching at https://jeffkaiser.com/kaigen/

Download I-Ching here